Pork Seasoning

Pork Seasoning


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free-cookbookWith the purchase of 24 packets, you will receive a free “Spice It Up” cookbook ($17.95 value), which has 100 tasty, easy and healthy recipes using Amazing Taste Seasonings!
This blend will enhance the tenderness of the pork, while adding a hint of grill flavor!

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5 reviews for Pork Seasoning

  1. Nancy Bireley

    This is wonderful stuff ! We used to be able to buy it at our local Giant but can’t find it any more. I’ve just opened the last packet I had squirreled away. It revolutionizes a boneless pork roast. Just pierce the meat, rub it on and pop in the crock pot to cook…our favorite meal.

    I’m happy to see it available on line if it turns out that it’s no longer available in our local store.

  2. Clara Dearman

    This seasoning is just like its name it’s Amazing the bad thing is now you can ‘t get the pork seasoning any where they have all the others but not pork I live in Fort Wayne Indiana I have been to all the stores and no ones carries it please tell me where to go and ket it thank you

    • amazingtaste

      Hi Clara –
      Thanks for your kind words! You should be able to find Amazing Taste Seasonings in the meat department in your local Scott’s and Kroger stores. If you cannot, you are welcome to order from our Website (www.amazingtaste.com) as well as on Amazon.
      Thanks for your interest in Amazing Taste Seasonings!

  3. Sally J (verified owner)

    I just ordered 8 packets of the pork seasoning, I like it that much. It has the satisfying, delicious taste that the Japanese call “umami.” At least in my humble opinion.

    I grew up in a house where the only pork my mother served was cured, due to the lingering effects (and stubbornness) of my father, having become deathly ill from trichinosis after eating undercooked pork on a hunting trip long before I was born.

    As a result, I had no clue how to season a pork roast or a quick pork chop, both of which my husband loved. I felt like I always needed a recipe. This seasoning will always work great! If you are adding other seasoning in addition, be sure to figure in the total salt, as you could make it too salty. You can usually omit the salt called for & add this instead (and perhaps a little more). Enjoy!

  4. Tracey (verified owner)

    This is my favorite of all the Amazing Taste seasonings. I simply coat my pork tenderloin with a bit of olive oil and then sprinkle the pork seasoning on, and bake. Simple and delicious!

  5. Tracey (verified owner)

    I’ve “developed” a new crockpot recipe using Amazing Taste pork. Pork tenderloin, a can of French onion soup, and the AT packet. Simple and so so so good! I’ve even got my friends hooked on it.

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