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Chili Seasoning

Chili Seasoning


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free-cookbookWith the purchase of 24 packets, you will receive a free “Spice It Up” cookbook ($17.95 value), which has 100 tasty, easy and healthy recipes using Amazing Taste Seasonings!

This seasoning will take your average chili to a whole new level- hearty, warm and rich made with the finest chili pepper and other natural spices!

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1 review for Chili Seasoning

  1. Adalaide

    I just wanted chili, but have numerous dietary restrictions. The most problematic while shopping being gluten (celiac) and soy. So simply buying chili off the shelf is near impossible. Instead I went to get a packet for seasoning and as I picked them all up I was seeing wheat flour and hydrogenated soybean oil in them all. My husband saw this one and finally we found something I could eat!

    I was so pleasantly surprised when I made it. It was incredibly fast and easy, with incredibly few ingredients. And still it managed to be really really good. In the future I will add an extra can of beans, we weren’t excited about the bean:meat ratio but for people who like super meaty chili it’s probably good the way it is.

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