Seasoning Foods Properly!

Seasoning is an art form but you don’t have to be an “artiste” to create every-day masterpieces.  Seasoning is what creates the flavor of a dish.  You can grow a nice little herb garden and dry or freeze your own fresh herbs and that’s a lot of fun.  But if you don’t have much time to create a gourmet presentation while hungry people are shouting, “When will dinner be ready?” we suggest that you let some experts do the advance work for you.

My father created Amazing Taste® seasonings to let you get just the right taste “instantly.”  My dad, Dr. Ghazi Taki, has a PhD in Food Science/ Meat Science.  He has spent his lifetime studying the art of food flavor and making combinations of seasonings that are just about foolproof.

Am I sounding a little “commercial” here?  You bet I am!  It’s the family business and when friends ask, “How did you make that?” often my answer is “with one of our own seasoning packets.”

You can gamble a few bucks (that’s right, a few bucks) and try it for yourself.  Go to the meat or seafood counter when you are grocery shopping and ask the person in charge to let you taste some of the flavors.  Okay…here’s a secret.  Many of these food professionals use Amazing Taste® seasonings to prepare the best-selling meals they offer in their refrigerated cases.

But that’s not all.

The reason these combinations are so great is that they also act as a seal.  You’ll be surprised that sprinkling on these magic seasonings will keep your meat, chicken and fish moist and downright juicy.

I love to make turkey burgers in the microwave.  I know, you are now picturing a grey mess coming out of the microwave.  That would be a waste of good meat and a disappointment to my appetite.  When I make my burgers with our seasoning, the moisture doesn’t drip or evaporate.  I have learned to conquer the microwave.   You can also turn out great specialties in the microwave.

The turkey burger trick is the best way I have to show that our stuff works.  I mean cooking the burgers in the microwave, not just re-heating.  They come out “browned” and good looking.  Because of the built-in seal it also is tender, flavorful and evenly cooked.  You can count on excellent results every time.  You know what to expect.  Your burgers and sliders are consistently delicious.

I also have to tell you that Amazing Taste® is relatively low in sodium, contains no MSG, all natural herbs and spices and is the only product I’ve seen that forms a kind of coating around meat to keep it juicy.  If your mouth isn’t watering from my description, you’ll just have to do your own taste test.

The whole idea of Amazing Taste® is to help you find simple, quick, healthy and economical ways to create outstanding meals.  One of the best things is how we can show you that you can actually turn out a great feast from the microwave.  Let’s just admit that microwave cooking (not just reheating) does not have a savory reputation. I am going to show you just how “you-ser” friendly and effective it is.

I haven’t held back any of my cooking tips and tricks. There’s a lot that can take the stress out of shopping, planning and cooking meals.

Cooking has become a national spectator sport.  There are so many popular cooking shows!  Check-out our website for recipes, and it’s your platters people will be watching.

One of the craziest facts I’ve heard is that most people go shopping and haven’t even decided what they are shopping for.  Really!  They figure out what they are going to serve as they walk up and down the aisles or look for specials in the meat case.  If I can help you whip up an impressive meal in a snap, then I’ll be happy when you get all the applause.

When you turn out a spiffy meal with ease you will learn to enjoy your own party.

Saying “bon appétite” has kind of been over-used, so let me say, “Go to your kitchen and whip up something amazing!”  Then take a bow.

Hey, you think I said amazing enough?

Adam Taki