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We are a dedicated partner to the food industry, creating and producing innovative, quality seasonings and food products that satisfy consumers’ ever changing wants and needs.


Teamwork:  Working together to achieve common goals.

Integrity:  Acting ethically and honestly.

Accountability:  Taking responsibility for delivering personal and organizational results.

Respect:  Treating each other with dignity; valuing other’s perspectives and differences.

Growth:  Commitment to personal, professional and company growth.

Over 50 Years of Serving The Food Industry

  • Retail
  • Deli
  • Industrial
  • Food Service
  • Custom Blending

Company History

Amazing Taste Foods, Inc. was founded in 1977 originally as Microwave Foods Inc. by Dr. Ghazi H. Taki, a Ph.D. in Food Science. Dr. Taki has been a leader in the food industry for over fifty years. Dr. Taki stood on the cutting edge of microwave cooking when he created the innovative seasoning product, Micro Shake. After a huge success with this timely product and to keep up with the changing times, Dr. Taki along with his son Adam Taki changed the name from Micro Shake to Amazing Taste and introduced the Amazing Taste brand in 1997. Amazing Taste is a leading partner and supplier to many national food companies and has their protein specific seasoning retail line successfully merchandised in meat and seafood departments of major and local retail chains nationwide.

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Amazing Taste was created by the consumers

The first words out of everyone’s mouth after they tried Micro Shake were “this is Amazing”, thus the name was born!

What Makes Us Different

Amazing Taste Seasonings for meat, poultry and seafood retains both flavor and moisture, providing you more tender, flavorful and juicy cooked protein.

Providing Ready to Cook Meals

We are an industry leader and innovator. We set the stage for providing the most successful value added meat, poultry, seafood and deli programs. Amazing Taste offers the consumer delicious seasonings and products developed specifically to enhance the natural flavor of their favorite protein dish. Freshness, innovative flavors, delightful memorable taste, and convenience set our offering ahead of all others. We offer the best possible custom tailored programs along with the execution, store level training, and support needed to ensure you the greatest success and maximized profits!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Our dedication to retail support and partnership led us to achieve two industry awards: 2007 Southern California Albertsons Vendor of the Year and 2008 American Meat Institute Supplier of the Year. We are your dedicated partner!  In 2015 we received an award from the University of Florida as one of the world’s 100 Fastest-Growing Gator Businesses; the tabulation of the Gator100 results was conducted by Ernst & Young LLP.

Custom Blending and World Class Quality & Service

Amazing Taste offers World Class Quality & Service and can provide you a database including thousands of functional seasoning, stuffings, breadings, and marinade formulas to fit your needs. We can also rapidly match, or customize any blend that will meet and exceed your expectations. We offer a full-service R&D department and culinary specialist team with expert capabilities, along with an attentive staff to meet your needs. We are committed and ready to partner with you to ensure your flavor program the greatest success.

Food Safety and Security

We offer the finest seasoning and food products possible. All ingredients and finished products undergo rigorous tests and evaluations through our Quality Assurance Lab to verify that they meet the specifications and high quality standards set by Amazing Taste and our customers. Food Safety and Quality are our top priorities and are maintained through programs such as HACCP, Allergen, Recall, Pest Control and Sanitation, Audit, GMP’s, Food Security and others. Our staff is very active and current in other programs including Nutrition Labeling, Kosher Certification and Organic Certification. Amazing Taste is committed to making sure that the products you receive are the very best in the industry!